​San Pedro Citizen Guard


SPCG also offers routine or on-demand safety checks for seniors living alone or individuals who are unable to move about such as the handicapped in their home. This service has been well received by many communities and family members really appreciate knowing someone will check on their loved one and offer assistance if needed.

SPCG Welfare check volunteers will select from a list of elder check assignments as posted securely online. Elder check assignments will usually be available on a one-check per week basis.  The requesting family member may ask for checks at a specific time of day or the time may be left open and at your discretion.

Each elder check assignment allows for two volunteers at each assignment.  Paring up with a SPCG volunteer partner can enhance your safety and the experience the elder person receives during the visit. Going solo however is permissible. 

Welfare Check volunteers are expected to:

  • Carry the SPCG Volunteer ID Card. (Once you've signed up and been approved here as a SPCG volunteer we will send a SPCG ID card to the mailing address you submitted).
  • Call the individual to be checked on before the visit to make sure that they will be there.
  • Visit private homes or apartments, knock on the door and identify yourself as a San Pedro Citizen Guard calling at the request of the emergency contact [NAME] and show your SPCG ID. If the situation looks questionable or suspicious in any way, do not enter the premises. Ask the senior if they are having any problems.  If the senior seems ill at ease or you are suspicious in any other way, back away from the premises, call the emergency contact or the police if warranted and report your findings.  Do not under any circumstances risk your personal safety.  Use your good judgement and trust your gut instincts.
  • Visit assisted living or retirement homes. Check in with the front desk as a visitor on arrival then ask to see the senior in the common area reserved for visitors and the like.  Do not visit them in their private room. 
  • Smile and show genuine concern for the health and welfare of the individual you are calling on.
  • Engage them in conversation if they are able to communicate with you.
  • Ask them if they need anything or if there is anything you can do for them. Use your judgement here. If there is a problem offer to call someone for them or call their emergency contact and relay the problem to them.
  • Give as much of your time to visit the individual as is possible.  
  • Call the requesting family member to report on any situation you see as abnormal or any circumstance you deem contrary to the well-being and safety of the individual.
  • Always dress appropriately. Although a uniform is not required, we suggest that you wear the white SPCG polo shirt when you can. Click Here to purchase on line from the SPCG Uniform & Equipment Store.

SPCG Welfare Check Guidelines