Upload a file or photo of suspect or any other pertinent information available. Also take photos of any evidence and submit them here.

San Pedro Citizen Guard Patrol volunteers will use the SPCG Tip 411 submission form through a custom SPCG TIP 411 Link to report crimes. Simply add the Link and bookmark it on your Smart Phone, Tablet or other Smart Device for easy and quick availability while on patrol.  All SPCG Volunteers are encouraged to report crime when they witness it even if they are not on a scheduled patrol.

For data security and to prevent user fraud, the link to the SPCG Tip 411 submission form will be provided to vetted SPCG volunteers only in a separate email. The APP is not currently available for use by the general public. 

Possible Crime Types

Enter your 5 digit SPCG ID# first. I.E. ***** - Crime Description: (Including... Who, What, When, etc. (see Possible Crime Type list below)

Report all crimes even if they are low level misdemeanors like simple assault, shoplifting, trespassing, loitering, panhandling, vandalism, disorderly conduct, illegal vending, drug use and all other suspicious activity on the SPCG Tip 411 tip submission form.

All emergency and non-emergency calls made directly to the police should additionally be logged onto the SPCG Tip 411 tip submission form. This will allow SPCG to track our crime reporting statistics individually and as a group.

Manslaughter: Involuntary
Manslaughter: Voluntary
Medical Marijuana
MIP: A Minor in Possession
Money Laundering
Murder: First-degree
Murder: Second-degree
Open Container Law
Probation Violation
Public Intoxication
Pyramid Schemes
Racketeering / RICO
Securities Fraud
Sexual Assault
Statutory Rape
Tax Evasion / Fraud
Telemarketing Fraud
White Collar Crimes
Wire Fraud

The purpose of SPCG's Tip 411 application is to help prevent and reduce crime, by forming a partnership among the community, businesses and law enforcement, making San Pedro a safer place for all who live or work here.

SPCG Tip 411 encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the three key elements that inhibit community involvement: fear, apathy and the feeling of helplessness that many of us have become accustomed to.

SPCG Tip 411 uses a three part approach to preventing, reporting and solving crimes. The first part of the program is to empower the community by providing a safe anonymous way to report criminal activity. Secondly, SPCG and Tip 411 can partner with all forms of media in the San Pedro area to inform the community on how to anonymously observe and report crimes. Law Enforcement creates the last link in the process when they follow-up on tips from SPCG community members.

All tips are completely anonymous and go directly to the LAPD Harbor Division Command Center.  No personal information, phone number, email, IP address or location is ever requested, saved  traced, tracked or monitored.

Complete description of the Suspect I.E.:  Gender, Race, Height, Weight, Hair Color/Style, Facial Hair, Eye Color, Glasses,  Approximate Age and Clothing Worn.

Enter a complete vehicle description if one is involved. 

SPCG's TIP 411 platform provides:

  • Email alerts that engage law enforcement more quickly with information relevant to the crime
  • Completely anonymous tips 
  • Law enforcement with two-way communication with tipsters to gather more intelligence and cultivate ongoing communications from proactive citizens
  • Response, audit, and reporting of tips information received

Aggravated Assault / Battery
Child Abandonment
Child Abuse
Child Pornography
Computer Crime
Credit / Debit Card Fraud
Criminal Contempt of Court
Cyber Bullying
Disorderly Conduct
Disturbing the Peace
Domestic Violence
Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation
Drug Trafficking / Distribution
Hate Crimes
Indecent Exposure
Identity Theft
Insurance Fraud

Provide an exact address if possible or cross streets. If at a business, name the business here.

​Sample SPCG Tip 411 Submission Form

​San Pedro Citizen Guard