SPCG Citizen Guard Mandatory Training Requirements


​Provided by:

​San Pedro Citizen Guard


All SPCG Volunteer Citizen Patrol Guards that perform patrol duties and event security on behalf of SPCG must complete a basic online course in the "powers of arrest", "weapons of mass destruction" and "terrorism awareness" as provided free by SPCG. Additional courses in "public relations", "observation and documentation", "communication" and its significance, "liability/legal aspects" and other elective courses may be purchased and taken at the volunteer's expense.

The basic course requires 8-hours of training and the training must be completed within 30 days of the applicant's receipt of the course.  SPCG Volunteer Citizen Patrol Guards will not receive an ID Card until they have completed the course and passed the final exam. Once you have submitted the SPCG Volunteer sign up form HERE and passed the SPCG background check, we will send you a link via email for your personal Security Training Center 8-hour basic guard training module. Simply follow the instructions from there to complete the course.  We will monitor your progress along the way. Remember, you only have 30 days to successfully complete the training.  

Note: It is not necessary to complete the Live Scan process once your 8 hour Certification of Training has been obtained.

The purpose of this training is to keep our volunteer staff, property and even more importantly the citizens and streets of San Pedro safe. A proactive approach to security awareness prevents many problems from ever occurring, reducing risk to staff, citizens and property alike. This training will teach you the ability to quickly identify potential problems before they reach a crisis level.

The volunteer applicant may not start working as a SPCG Citizen Patrol Guard until he or she receives the SPCG ID Card in the mail and given access to the SPCG job assignment schedule. Volunteers with current CA Guard Cards may submit a copy to us in lieu of further SPCG training.