Sustaining Donors

      - Over $5000

Gold Level $500 - $999

Partner Level $2500 to $4999

Platinum Level $1000 to $2499

Anonymous 1 - $20,000 - 2016

Anonymous 1 - $20,000 - 2017

​Anonymous 1 - $10,000 - 2018

All donations made on line will receive an EMail receipt for IRS purposes.

Single donations of $100 or higher will receive a written receipt by January 31st each year for funds donated in the previous year.

Donor Thank You

David Dworshak - $150 - 2016

​Anonymous 3 -     $100 - 2016

Sal Sorrentino -   $130 - 2018

​John Groggins -   $100 - 2018

Silver Level $100 to $499 

​San Pedro Citizen Guard

Legacy Level

      - Monthly Recurring

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” 
                                                                                       - Audrey Hepburn

As much as we’d like to believe that karma is a motivator for crime prevention and the making of good choices, we often need to rely on extra eyes and ears to protect what’s important to us. At San Pedro Citizen Guard, we empower residents to give back to the community in which we all live, work and play. We are made up of dedicated individuals, who generously donate funds, time and energy to help protect the San Pedro community.

Through increased partnerships with business leaders and individuals like you, we are working to solidify and expand our programming, to focus on personal safety, neighborhood safety, cyber safety, and civility, with special emphasis on overcoming social and educational adversity. In concert with our schools, we will employ groundbreaking methods to develop curricula illustrating and documenting the benefits of violence prevention.

There are a number of ways you can help…

  • Make a Financial Contribution: Run 100% by volunteers, your assistance goes directly to our programming. Funding helps us off-set the expense of providing uniforms, equipment and training, as well as investing in new programming.
  • Volunteer Your Time: We are always in need of help! In addition to neighborhood patrol, we offer elder welfare checks, home security checks, event security, missing-child alerts, community cleanup initiatives and more.

Our mission, through the hearts and hands of donors and volunteers, touches the San Pedro community through simple acts of neighborly kindness. You donation will change lives by up-lifting our community, this we can promise you.

On behalf of the San Pedro Citizen Guard, I offer you our most heart-felt thanks for sharing in our commitment. For your convenience, donations can be made through our website at, should you wish to help us keep San Pedro safe and vibrant. 

Lee Dworshak
President and CEO

Bronze Level $1 to $99


Gary Dworshak - $50 - 2016

Wendy Harris -   $50 - 2016

​Anonymous 2 -   $50 - 2016

​Sal Sorrentino - $50 - 2016

Sylvie Cote -       $60 - 2016

Sylvie Cote -       $60 - 2017

​Sal Sorrentino - $50 - 2017

Andy LaBrune -  $20 - 2018

Ginn Sampson -  $25 - 2018

H. Armstrong -   $50 - 2018

Terry Marsh -     $  5 - 2018 

Clip Joint BShop $50 - 2018