SPCG Patrol Guard Caps w/"San Pedro Citizen Guard" on rear of cap

​​If you would like to purchase these please click here. One size fits all.

Note: These caps are for approved SPCG Patrol Guards only.

SPCG Patrol Uniform & ID Card Requirements



SECURITY Polo Shirt w/ SPCG Logo on right sleeve

If you would like to purchase these please click here.

Note: These shirts are for SPCG Certified Patrol Guards only.

Joe Citizen   CG000

SECURITY Jacket - CLICK HERE to purchase online from SPCG - Jackets are optional, but if worn they must be black and show the word "SECURITY" on the front and back as shown on the jacket at the left.

The Large sew-on SPCG shoulder patch can be purchased separately.

​​​Large SPCG Magnetic Car Door Placard - 18" x 12" (Pair)

For roving vehicle patrols - available at no charge.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you always show these           placards on your vehicle while on patrol as a SPCG volunteer. 

If you would like to obtain these for your vehicle please click here

Note: These placards are available to SPCG Certified Patrol Guards only.


Once you have registered as a volunteer at the SanPedroCitizenGuard.org website, passed the background check and complete the online orientation/Training, we will mail a laminated SPCG ID card to you at the mailing address you provided.  If you have signed up and been approved for SPCG patrol assignments, the ID will also carry a "Certified Patrol Guard" sticker on the rear. Be sure to wear your ID at all times while performing SPCG volunteer duties.  This is for your safety.

SECURITY T-Shirt CLICK HERE to purchase online from SPCG.

Note: These shirts are for approved SPCG Patrol Guards only.

​San Pedro Citizen Guard


All SPCG volunteers performing patrol or event security duties should always wear a black SECURITY uniform jacket or shirt. As an option a white SPCG Polo shirt may be worn while on patrol.  This for your safety and will also help identify you in the performance of your volunteer duties.

Approved apparel is available online at the SPCG Uniform & Equipment Store Click HERE.