​San Pedro Citizen Guard


Lee Dworshak - SPCG President and CEO

With over forty years of mid and senior level logistics, operations and real estate management experience with major corporations after serving in the U.S Army from 1968-70, ​Lee now utilizes his expertise in providing hands-on leadership and direction for his personal clients at PSSPROS, LLC.

PSSPROS.com offers a broad menu of services for ALL independent professionals and corporations which include web site design, search engine optimization, marketing, advertising, sales and more. The firm serves professional clients of all sizes.

Lee's skills in negotiating sales contracts as well as developing long term client relationships are unsurpassed. He's a creative deal-maker with a proven track record of problem solving and strategic planning.

In 2015 with crime rising at a fast pace, Lee saw a need in his adopted home town of San Pedro, CA to form a Citizens On Patrol organization patrolling its streets and working with Law Enforcement to deter criminal activity.  It's been proven that Citizen Patrol organizations can and do make a difference in the reduction of crime, especially when coupled with Community Oriented Policing efforts.  Lee founded San Pedro Citizen Guard in late December 2015.

Lee is a native of Los Angeles, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and a forty-two year resident of San Pedro, CA.. He and his wife Rose have two grown children, Scott and David. Lee is a life member of the San Pedro Elks Club and a member of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, 1st Calvary Association and Purple Heart Association.